Grussworts des Schwesterfestivals

Kiel and San Francisco are sister cities and since 2018 the IOFF International Ocean Film Festival here in San Francisco and CINEMARE have been sister ocean film festivals. This year both our festivals will be held in April, with a virtual festival connecting the two festival dates, making the entire April ocean film month.

As ocean festivals we share common values, passions, and the belief that films can make an impact, that they play an important role in getting ocean conservation into people’s minds – and most importantly hearts. Our cities and their ocean film festivals are on two sides of the same ocean. To emphasize this, last year we started the tradition of giving out the Sister City Award. Every year CINEMARE brings a film to San Francisco and the IOFF brings a film to Kiel. This year I present to you WATERMAN. A film about five-time Olympic medalist and native Hawaiian, Duke Kahanamoku. A surfing legend, olympic superstar, and American icon, who shattered records and brought surfing to the world while overcoming a lifetime of personal challenges.

All the best from San Francisco!
Ana Blanco