Grusswort des Schwesterfestivals Brest Surf Film

Since 1964, Brest on the Atlantic, and Kiel on the Baltic coast, have been sister cities. Destroyed then rebuilt, cradled by the waves, both cities have shown resilience and dependability towards one another. Their friendship, once gained, is there to stay. Two years ago Till Dietsche, the director of CINEMARE, contacted me and suggested a partnership of cultural and maritime exchanges through film. A virtuous emulation carried by European values. This year, we will be hosting the film Big vs Small, which we discovered at CINEMARE in 2022. The film was so popular that We have invited the Finnish director Minna Dufton and the two protagonists of the film to join us at the 6th Brest Surf Film Festival from 17 to 20 May. This screening will be a French Premiere and one of the highlights for sure. An example, among many others, of what we can achieve by uniting energies, ideas and experiences in the same impetus, the same passion, that of knowledge, of the protection of the oceans, that of images and testimonies, but also that of the pleasure of gliding over the water and catching waves, whether it be Baltic or Atlantic. Thank you very much Till for your trust. 

Best wishes.

Chloé Batissou


Brest Surf Film Festival, 17.-20. April 2023